1. General User Conduct
    • Publicly posting personal information of others is strictly prohibited.
    • Individuals participating in illegal activity of any nature will be immediately banned from the community and reported to the authorities.
    • Report any illegal activity and suspicious behavior encountered on the site. Calling attention to such behavior will allow us to protect our community.
  2. Messaging Etiquette
    • Be respectful – Not everyone will share your beliefs or interests, but that does not justify disrespectful behavior or imposition of personal agendas and beliefs on others. Such language makes for a hostile environment and will not be tolerated.
    • Be kind – People have feelings. Treat them as you would want to be treated.
    • Never:
      • Share nude/pornographic material.
      • Send derogatory, hateful, discriminatory or insulting messages to others.
      • Send anything considered harassment. This includes stalking, bullying, threatening and intimidating language, and sharing private information in a public forum.
      • No solicitation. Sending anything considered spam is unacceptable. Attempting to sell a product or service or initiate any type of business negotiation is prohibited.
  1. Profile Etiquette
    • All photos posted must belong to you. Never use material of any kind that you do not legally own or have obtained legal permission to use.
    • The following is prohibited:
      • Violent or sexual/pornographic content, including nude photos.
      • Photos featuring minors: Photos that are inappropriate and/or exploitative photos of minors include photos that compromise their humanity or portray represent them in a demeaning or disrespectful way.
      • Photos containing racist, hateful, discriminatory or harassing material.
      • Photos containing the personal information of yourself or others, including social security numbers, telephone/cellular numbers, addresses, financial information, etc.
      • Promoting your social media accounts. If you’re here to promote your instagram, snapchat, etc. we suggest going to other apps to do that. We’re here for people wanting to connect with others.
  2. Meeting Etiquette
    • Don’t flake on someone at the last minute, let alone at all. Let’s be respectful of each other’s time and be good to one other.
    • Attention daters – If the other person offers to pay, always offer to split the bill. It’s a polite gesture that won’t go unnoticed.