1. Personal Information
    1. Protect your financial information and that of others. Never provide social security numbers, credit card and banking information, work or home addresses or cellular/telephone numbers.
    2. Report anyone attempting to send you payment of any kind.
      1. The website below has helpful information about online dating scams: http://onguardonline.gov/articles/0004-online-dating-scams/
  2. In-person Meetings
    1. Face-to-face meetings are contingent on each user’s acceptance. Please make sure you feel completely comfortable meeting another person. Never consent to a situation that makes you feel physically and/or emotionally compromised.
    2. Always meet in a public location and remain in public throughout the interaction. We value all the members of the Filter community and want to ensure your safety.
    3. Always meet another user at the agreed upon location. Do not consent to transportation offered by the person you are meeting.
    4. If you ever feel uncomfortable during an in person meeting, do not hesitate to notify someone around you and leave in a safe manner. If you feel in danger, contact authorities or, if unable to do so, inform an employee working at the location of the meeting. Staff members in the service industry are prepared to discreetly intervene on your behalf, if necessary. Never allow a fear of hurting a person’s feelings prevent you from leaving a situation in which you are uncomfortable. Your safety is always the first priority.
    5. Mentioning your upcoming meeting and location to a friend or family member, is encouraged. You can never be too careful.
    6. Sobriety is highly recommended. We understand that social atmospheres often promote intoxication, however do not allow yourself to lose control of your faculties, despite how much fun you are having.