Are Men Intimidated by Smarter Women?

Are Men Intimidated by Smarter Women?

Do you think men are intimidated by smarter women? A new study was recently published and it shows that men aren’t intimidated by higher educated women.

The study was done on the Tinder dating app and highlighted that women are more selective than men (duh!) and they preferred more educated men.

We’re not at all surprised by their findings but the researchers don’t really understand that men tend to swipe right on any woman they come across, so this study could be inherently flawed.

If you’d like to read more about it, check out the link below.

Education is definitely important to dating and that’s why we allow you to filter for people with college degrees and higher.

While we don’t do a background check to verify that anyone on our app has an education that matches what their profile says, we err on the side of people being truthful and honest.

If you do come across someone that you think has lied about their education, feel free to report them to us. 

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Tell us what you think. Do you think men are intimidated by smarter women? 



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