Have you been banned on Tinder? Banned on Bumble?

Have you been banned on Tinder? Banned on Bumble?

Have you been banned on Tinder? Banned on Bumble? What about Hinge? Based on app store reviews by several users, many of them have been banned without warning. This seems to be a common problem people are facing on all of the big dating apps. While we can’t help you with getting yourself unbanned on these apps, we do want to educate people that are thinking about using any of these apps that this could happen to them too.

Tinder, Bumble & Hinge

If you look at the app store reviews for these three apps, there is complaint after complaint about being banned for what appears to be no reason. Here’s what some of those users said on the Apple app store:

  • “Suspended for no reason”
  • “Didn’t do anything wrong“
  • “Got banned for nothing”
  • “Bans people for no reason”
  • “Banned without warning”
  • “I have no idea why I was banned”
  • “No explanation why I was banned”
  • “I don’t know what I did”
  • “Banned even though I paid for services”

On Bumble, some users thought they were banned because of their political beliefs (FilterSocial doesn’t force people to adopt any of our political beliefs and in turn, we hope you don’t try to force yours on anyone either). We can’t confirm that people are being banned for this reason but it seems to be the case based on these reviews. If you have a picture of a gun in your profile, you’ll likely be banned too.

On Hinge, some users said the same thing. They said were banned for no reason even though they spent money on the app or paid for other services. Some have emailed customer service and didn’t appear to get a response based on their review.

As you can see, this doesn’t look like a fair process, but it’s also understandable that with the large number of users that these apps struggle to solve everyone’s issues or are able to get back to every single person.

One of the major sticking points when being banned is that there seems to be no appeals process or way to reverse the decision made. Once you’re banned, you’re banned. That’s unfortunate. There should be a process in place that allows users to appeal their ban. Our app does have an appeals process, but we hope that users are able to police their own behavior by using our ratings system before it ever gets to that point. 

When we created FilterSocial, we wanted to ensure that people weren’t banned outright unless they were reported for egregious behavior both online and off. We thought a better system would be to include a ratings system to report user behavior. We believe this will help people understand that they are doing something wrong and that would help them correct their behavior. You can check out our full code of conduct here.

So if you’ve been banned on Tinder or on Bumble, why don’t you give us a download and you’ll see why we’re making dating and friend finding better than ever!



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