7 Things That Men Hope Women Would Do More Often in a Relationship

7 Things That Men Hope Women Would Do More Often in a Relationship

There are 7 things that men hope women would do more often in a relationship. Hopefully, once you’ve dated guys off dating apps or from meeting them in real life, you’ll hopefully land yourself in a relationship with someone you really like. But there will be times during that relationship you’ll scratch your head wondering what you did wrong or how you could make the relationship go more smoothly. Men typically aren’t the most forthcoming when it comes to letting their partner know how they’re feeling when they’re in a relationship and what they want. We did some research and found 7 things that men hope women did more often in a relationship. Take a look below: 

1. Be the big spoon

Yes, guys like to be the little spoon too! The act of cuddling is one of the main things to do after a night of lovemaking. Both men and women should switch it up, for lots of reasons other than having an arm go numb. Oh, and jetpacking is the new term for cuddling if ya didn’t know. So feel free to jetpack your man all you want!

2. Playing with their hair

Oxytocin. It’s a bonding hormone released with loving human contact. This is why guys like their hair played with just as women do. But some men have said it doesn’t happen as often as they’d like when they’re in a relationship. This article breaks down in more detail exactly how human touch is beneficial to relationships.

3. Complimenting them

Tell them how much you believe in them, how you’re proud of them, how much you like their choice of shoes or something related to their appearance. I was recently getting some dinner and one of the servers walking by said that “she really liked my shirt.” Let me tell you that compliment felt great. It was really nice because it was unexpected. Unexpected compliments are really nice. So don’t hesitate to give out a random compliment from time to time. Here’s a great article on exactly what you could say for your compliment. 

4. Initiate more

Text first. Call randomly. Initiate dates. Initiate sex more. For example, most men feel that they are always the initiator of sex and this can set up an imbalance in the relationship. Men like to be pursued too. When it comes to setting up dates, this is also where a guy feels like he’s doing all the work. There’s definitely no harm in setting up dates and planning a night out for your guy.

5. Give him a hug

Just like cuddling after sex, a nice, strong hug can mean a lot even when you’re just watching TV together. You could also go for it when you meet him out on a date. A hug doesn’t cost anything and that’s why it makes it so easy to do more of.

6. Treat him to a night out

Men are often afraid that the woman they might be dating is just using them to get free dinners or as the new term is called using them as a “foodie call.” When you first start dating, it’s often a gray area of when a woman should start paying. The rule of thumb is to always offer to pay on each date with the intention of paying. During a relationship though, a guy shouldn’t be expected to pay for dates all the time. There are exceptions to the rule, but it’s nice when the girl goes out of her way to pay for a night out.

7. More affection

Showing more affection is easy and doesn’t cost anything. A little shoulder rub here, a little back rub there can work wonders for him to feel more loved by you. Doing this makes feel men more wanted and desired is something everyone likes to feel. For more on this, check out this article

Update! – We did a little more research and found a few other things that men would love women to do more often in a relationship. Those things are: 

  • Text First – Some guys feel like they are always having to do all the work and don’t feel as wanted when they are the ones having to initiate the conversation. It can make a really big difference. It’s not something that has to be done constantly but it shows that you’re interested and making an effort which can make all the difference in a successful relationship.
  • Don’t hint at things you want or need – Guys don’t understand subtle hints. Just tell them what you need or what you’re feeling/thinking. They sometimes don’t get obvious hints either. 
  • Talk about problems with them – Guys are groomed to not talk about their problems and their feelings. Getting a chance to talk about them with you will mean the world to them. It may take a few tries but they will eventually open up to you.

We’ll have another article up soon from the other side to let guys know what behaviors women wish they did more of in a relationship. 

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