“The Red Flag Dating Test”

“The Red Flag Dating Test”

Whitney Cummings, a well known and funny comedian, gives Jimmy Kimmel a “Red Flag Dating Test.” This test is by no means foolproof but it’s a fun little get-to-know-you game you can have with someone you’ve just started to date. Watch the hilarious video below. You’ll find the written instructions later on in this article. 

The first question you’ll need to ask is what your date’s favorite animal is and then you have them describe it in a few adjectives. 

The next question is to ask what their favorite article of clothing is and also ask them to describe it in a few adjectives. It can be a suit, a pair of socks, whatever.

The last question is to ask them what their favorite body of water is. It can be a river, stream, ocean, pool, etc. You’ll again ask them to describe it in three adjectives.

Once they’re finished, you can tell them your findings. 

The first question tells them how they perceive themselves. In Jimmy’s case, he picked a monkey and perceived himself as funny, intelligent, and crazy. Plus flings poop.

For the second question, it tells you how people perceive you. For him, he chose a tank top that had the colors of the Jamaican flag. He said he wears it because his wife hates it so much (haha!). He described it as hideous, ridiculous, and annoying.

The last question tells you how you view sex. He picked Silver Creek in Idaho because it’s placid, clear, moves a little bit but not much, and bountiful with trout (lol). 

A lot of conversation can come from going through this test. Not only will you get to know someone better, but you’ll probably laugh at each other’s answers too. It’s definitely worth incorporating in your dating life.

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