The Best Date Activities in San Francisco

The Best Date Activities in San Francisco

Coming up with the best date activities in San Francisco was not an easy task. San Francisco has so much to do, so many things to see, that it was difficult to narrow down the list. So we didn’t. We included a wide variety of the best date activities in San Francisco that you’ll be able to pick and choose based on what you as a couple like. So let’s get on with it, shall we!

  1. Exploratorium: After Dark
    1. Thursday nights are adult nights here. It’s a blast. Cocktails are served while patrons try various gadgets, interact with hundreds of exhibits and learn. It’s affordable, fun and provides activity and conversation that are sometimes hard to come by on first dates. And if you’re looking to come here during the day, the general exhibits are great too, in you’re looking for more wholesome fun.
  2. California Academy of Sciences
    1. Thursday nights are grown up here too. The setting is beautiful and live music is usually happening. They have a DJ night where drinks are served in each room while DJs perform, and guests wander around viewing the exhibits. It’s a lot of fun and the number of drinks is limited per guest. It’s hard to get wasted, but a nice buzz comes with the territory if one opts for alcohol. Again, this venue has, even more, to offer during normal operating hours, for the teetotalers.
  3. Presidio Bowl
    1. This venue is popular for those who want to socialize and have the option of drinking while engaging in an activity. It’s a lot of fun and again, gives you something to do, so the conversation doesn’t lag, but doesn’t focus on binge drinking. san-francisco-bowling
  4. Hikes
    1. Many people in San Francisco are physically active and want to meet counterparts who enjoy the outdoors. In that regard, there are tons of options. As to hikes, there are many more options, but these are the ones we’d recommend.
      1. Lands End
        1. This is a popular hike. It’s great if you’re looking for a view and some historical trivia, which is marked along the route, and is actually pretty interesting. There are a couple of destinations at the end of the hike, including a coffee shop, and a well-known restaurant that overlooks the water called Cliff House. No matter how many times you visit, it provides different atmospheres to respond to one’s mood. You can watch sports at the bar, have bloody Mary’s after a hike while watching the sea, and even experience fine dining. It’s really neat to learn about the history of the bathhouses whose vestiges still remain and can be seen clearly from the restaurant. Highly recommend. (Honestly, the food is mediocre, but people go for the view and history).
      2. Mount Tam
      3. Stinson Beach
        1. There’s a hike from Mill Valley that ends in Stinson Beach. It’s very manageable and Stinson is a quaint beach town with restaurants, shopping and a couple of bars. A day can always be enjoyed here.
          1. Dipsea Trail to Steep Ravine (~9 miles)
            1. There are shorter route options that you can do too.
  5. Music Venues – The love of music is a common fabric that holds two people together in a relationship. Here’s a list of some of the best venues in San Francisco. san-francisco-music
    1. The Fillmore
    2. The Independent
    3. Black Cat (Jazz)
    4. Mr. Tipples
    5. Club Deluxe
    6. Amnesia
    7. Piano Fight (also has an arcade, theaters and comedy)
    8. The Great American Music Hall
    9. Boom Boom Room
    10. The Chapel
  6. Planet Granite
    1. Rock climbing isn’t for everyone, but it’s a fun activity that allows you to communicate and show off some teamwork skills.  
  7. Alcatraz aka The Rock
    1. It sounds like such a tourist cliché to visit Alcatraz, but it’s honestly really fun. They do both day and night tours. You take a ferry to the island (the ferry has a bar) and the tour is brief but interesting.
  8. Movies: Dinner and Drinks optional
    1. Kabuki
    2. Embarcadero Center Cinema
    3. Lots of other theaters, but these act as venues as well.
  9. Comedy Clubs
    1. Cobb’s Comedy Club
    2. The Punchline
  10. Off the Grid – For the foodies this is ideal.
  11. Parks
    1. Duboce
    2. Buena Vista
    3. Golden Gate
    4. Chrissy Field

The list goes on….So many parks in SF. Take some blankets, beers and instruments to any given park and hang out with the many dogs that run about. It’s low pressure and relaxing.

Do you have some date activities in San Francisco that you’d like to share? Feel free to comment!

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