The Best First Date Ideas For People Who Don’t Drink

The Best First Date Ideas For People Who Don’t Drink

What are the best first date ideas for people who don’t drink? According to, there are a substantial amount of people who don’t drink in cities across the nation. Since drinking is a big part of dating for most people, it can be difficult for non-drinkers to plan a fun first date.  Don’t worry though, we got you covered with a ton of great ideas. Please read on.

  • Escape Rooms – It’s a unique date idea especially for a first date. We would only recommend this for people who already know each other a bit. Perhaps, someone you’ve been friends with a long time and you’ve decided to try dating each other. You can also plan to get something to eat to do a post-mortem of everything that went on and what you experienced. It will also help you discover how you work & communicate together, which are key ingredients to a relationship. They’re challenging and fun. Pro-tip: Pick a room that is designed for fewer players.


  • A hike (only to be done with someone you trust) – be sure to let someone know where and when you’re going and also turn on your find my friends.
  • Get a portable mini table and a couple beach chairs and have a picnic at the park or on the beach. Bring some candles, snacks, and a blanket and watch the sunset together. The scenery is usually enough to get the conversation started. 
  • Ride bikes around your town. If your town is bike-able, you’ll have a lot of options to do a lot of different things. Even if it isn’t, you’ll still have a lot of fun. Just make sure to stop fairly often. You can grab a bite, shop, sight-see, and a lot more depending on what you’re feeling. We’d recommend grabbing a bite to eat or some ice cream, hit up a couple of cool shops, and maybe take in a museum if it’s close enough or on the way. And since you’re burning a bunch of calories during this trip grab another bite to eat towards the end of the date. The cool thing about this kind of date is you can be spontaneous and stop wherever you’d like.

    riding bikes

  • Mini Golf is a true classic date. It can be a bit cliché but injecting a little friendly competition into your date nights is always a good idea. Make it interesting by making some friendly wagers on who wins the whole round, who gets the most hole-in-ones, etc.
  • Go Kart dates can be one hell of a good time too. As we mentioned above about friendly competition in mini-golf, a similar feel can be had with go karting. Excitement is also a great emotion to help build more of an emotional connection between the two of you as well.


  • There’s nothing more romantic than taking a walk around a beautiful botanical garden. Most major cities have one and more often than not, they’ll have artwork on the premises, which gives you more to talk about. Visiting during spring & summer or depending on what part of the country you live in (California), you’ll be able to do this kind of date all year round. Be on the lookout for special events held there for some added fun.
  • Zoos/Aquariums – There are lots of opportunities for organic conversation just like with the botanical gardens. You can talk about your favorite animals or sea creatures. Make sure you take breaks to relax and chat.


  • County Fairs have everything you could ever want to make a date super fun.
  • Dave and Buster’s & Arcades are loads of fun. There are a variety of games that you can play together and the friendly competition can make things extra exciting. D&B’s has a 10pm curfew for children and it’s recommended to head there after that to avoid the kid crowd.
  • Get some dessert / ice cream / froyo
  • Kayaking – if you have any lakes or marinas around you, this is a great option. You can talk about boats you see, wildlife, among other things. kayaking
  • Ice Skating (seasonal)
  • Bowling
  • Pool Halls – make bets on who wins, makes a shot, etc.
  • Driving Range / Putting Range
  • Movie and then dinner is not what you were expecting. The common wisdom is to do dinner and then a movie as a date but that actually isn’t the best order. It’s switched because doing it this way, allows you to do a debrief of what you watched. You’ll have a lot more to talk about (the movie) vs. doing the standard interview type questions that you’re used to. 
  • Bookstores are can be hit or miss and it’s important to pick one that is very large and that has some sort of café attached. You’ll have a lot of opportunities to nerd out especially if both of you are really into reading. Some things you can try here are guessing each other’s favorite books, go into the game section, or grab a coffee and browse around together.
  • Art galleries & museums are fun too because you’ll have a lot of things to talk about. Make sure you try the interactive exhibits (if any) together because it helps build connection between the two of you.
  • Local festivals & events are usually pretty easy to find by searching for your city name and “local events.” For example, searching for “Los Angeles local events” will present a number of sites and information about what’s happening. If you know that both of you are into food, maybe search for a food tasting event.

We hope this list of first date ideas keeps you busy and entertained. Feel free to comment below if you have a date idea that you’d like to share.

Now that we got you covered on date ideas, check out this article on conversation starters to get you going. 

Happy Dating!!



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