Relationship Habits You Think Are Okay But Are Actually Toxic

Relationship Habits You Think Are Okay But Are Actually Toxic

There are some relationship habits that you might think are okay but are actually completely toxic. Some of us don’t have the experience of multiple relationships like others may have. This might lead you to believe some of the habits or traits of your partner in your first few relationships are completely normal and you expect them in your next one. We’re gonna break down the ones that are the most common toxic relationship habits.

Emotional / Physical / Mental / Psychological Abuse

Anyone who abuses you in any way is not someone you should be with. If you’ve ever wondered why people stay in abusive relationships, read this:

You may find it strange at first when it doesn’t happen in this new relationship, but be extremely happy that it doesn’t.

Having to text your whereabouts and/or who you’re with constantly

If you’re coming from another long-term relationship where this was the norm, guess what? It’s not normal. It’s completely unnecessary. You should never have to do this in any relationship. Having to tell someone your whereabouts constantly is a sign that your relationship could take a turn for the worse. You should absolutely not be in a relationship with anyone who demands to know your whereabouts and who you’re with at all times.

Having to force your partner to spend time with you

They should want to spend time with you. You shouldn’t have to force them to do things with you. When you get in a new relationship with someone who really cares about you, you’ll see that they’ll want to spend time with you. They’ll set up dates. They’ll want to be with you. It’s such a stark contrast that you’re gonna be surprised. 

Having to work or beg to have sex

The person you’re with should want to have sex with you. There will be times, of course, when one of you isn’t feeling it or some kind of crisis is happening in your lives, but when you’re with someone you should never have to beg or work for sex. When you’re in a healthy relationship, you’ll find out that this habit is not normal.

Threats. Self-harm manipulation


Crying all the time


Passive aggression



According to Wikipedia’s definition, “Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or in members of a targeted group, making them question their own memory, perception, and sanity.” This is a toxic relationship habit if there ever was one. You may find it strange that this doesn’t happen in your next relationship.

Putting their wants and their comfort over your needs all the time

Constantly having to win someone’s affection is tiring and is not a natural relationship habit. It’s a wonderful feeling when you don’t need to do this anymore.

Trying to make you jealous

 This is a common toxic relationship habit that you won’t see in a healthy relationship.

Thinking that you have to do everything together

 When you’re with someone who has their own friends and likes to do things with them, you may be shocked at first because your previous relationship may have taught you that you have to do everything together and that’s not the case anymore. Now, if your new significant other only wants to spend time with their friends, that’s an entirely different issue and a conversation needs to happen. Generally speaking though, there should be a balance of wanting to spend time with you and them wanting to spend time with their friends.

Being the only one putting in any effort

Making plans for dates, initiating sex, being the only one that initiates conversation are a few things that you’ll find that you won’t have to do in a healthy relationship. You’ll be wondering when your partner does these things if it’s normal, don’t worry it is. 

What are some toxic relationship habits you’ve had to deal with? Let us know in the comments!

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