Who Pays On A First Date?

Who Pays On A First Date?

So who pays on a first date? Men? A split?

Matthew Hussey, a dating guru for women, gets a question regarding who should pay for dates after 4-5 months of dating. She believes the man should pay. He gives a more generalized answer about who should pay for dates. His response may surprise you.

To summarize, for heterosexual daters, he says that you should always offer to pay. Otherwise, you’re telling the guy that you’re dating that you have to pay for my time and that this relationship isn’t equal. If a woman never offers to pay, he wouldn’t date her. He also suggests contributing proportionally. In his example, if you go on a vacation together, you would contribute what you could proportionate to each other’s income. Which makes a lot of sense. That usually never happens in real life though. 

What do we think? We would say that the person who does the asking out should pay for the date. That doesn’t mean the person who was asked out shouldn’t offer to pay as Matthew Hussey suggests. It’s the gesture that counts to guys. If you don’t even try, a guy will feel used and taken advantage of by you and that sets up a relationship that’s doomed to fail. 

We would also add that if your first date is going well and you end up going to a different place, you could offer to buy a round of drinks or dessert. If you’re having a good time and enjoying this person’s company, why not? 

If this is a same-sex first date, the general rule is the person who does the asking out is the person who pays. Again, the same rule applies about offering to pay your share. You don’t want to allow the other person to feel used and taken advantage of. The gesture means everything and shows that you’re a polite person too. 

This answers the question on who pays for a first date, but we do have another great article about other first date tips that you need to know. Check it out.

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